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The exciting things for players
2014-07-01 16:01
There are few things more exciting in a game of poker than when a player announces that they are going ‘All-in’.  This means that they are going to bet all of the chips that they are currently in possession of that they have the best hand.  This may also occur when a player is sitting short-stacked, that is to say they have the least amount of chips in the game.   It is a good way to double up your chips fast, and also a very fast and easy way to exit the game.  All-in bets may be played during any betting round.
When a player goes all-in, everyone else still in the hand has the chance to call.  If you wish to call but don’t have enough chips to cover the amount, a side pot may be created.  This would put you all-in as well.  The side pot would be all of the chips that have already been bet in previous rounds, the current amount you have left, and whoever wants to call this amount.  This amount would be all that you would be able to win.  The person that originally went all in would subtract the amount you were able to bet and put the surplus in a separate pile.
Anyone who wants to call would have to match the original all-in amount, and would put the surplus in the separate pile.  If nobody else called the original all-in amount that player would take back the difference, matching your amount only, and play would continue as normal.  Players in the round that have more chips left after calling the all-in bets may continue to bet between themselves, creating yet another side pot.  They may also agree to check the remaining betting rounds, eliminating the need for a side pot.
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