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How Much Do You Know Bee Marked Cards?
2014-07-01 17:25
Like other products, poker also has many brands. Bee cards are one of the most popular cards among various kinds of playing cards. However, Bee marked cards is the VIP of Bee playing cards. As a person who intends to win a great deal of money from gambling, you can not miss it.
When it comes to Bee marked cards, I think many people have heard of it but have not a good understanding of it. Therefore, let’s have deep insight into Bee marked playing cards from this article. In size, Bee marked cards can be divided into Wide and Narrow types. In material, there are plastic cards and paper cards. In color, we can see there are blue and red cards on sale.
What’s more, from the perspective of a professional poker cheater, there are two kinds of Bee marked cards: Bee back marked cards and Bee side marked cards. Both of them are the same in the effect of cheating at poker games. The back one is suitable for those who are not sharp in seeing very small things while the side one is more suitable for a gambling place with strict check.
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