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Long distance poker analyzer is convenience
2014-07-03 15:42
From a biological perspective, compulsive gambling is an addiction similar to drug and substance abuse, even though it is categorized under impulse control disorder. We know that many gamblers like to play the poker game, because they want to win much money and achieve ambition. The long distance poker analyzer can help you.
Our poker cheating analyzer have many advantages, here are some example:
1. Small size, strong invisibility, easy to carry.
2. No needs to put the poker in neatness or focus, direction
3. Single operation, no needs the cooperation of background
4. Reporting voice automatically, fast speed
5. A group with many kinds of program, suitable for all the poker games
6. it’s without the limitation of occasions and distance.  
Some doctors have noticed and linked between parkinson’s disease and compulsive gambling. Since dopamine also controls muscle movement, medication is given to patients with Parkinson;s disease that stimulations the dopamine receptors in the brain. Although the medication can control you want to play poker games, but you want to win much money, so you eager to gamble the poker game. The long distance poker analyzer can help you to win money, and no one can notice it at all.
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