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Poker cheating analyzer can be operate by remote controller
2014-07-08 17:31
When you are playing poker game, the first thing you think is win the poker game, and there are many factors can influence the effect of poker game.

If you have think about use the poker cheating analyzer in the poker game. But you are worry about if there add or reduce people, you have to operate the poker analyzer again, now we invent a remote control poker cheating analyzer, you can change the number of people just use a remoter.

Which pocket hand is better, A, K suited or 2, 2? Consider a head-to-head match up (two players) with A, K suited versus 2, 2. Simulating this with the analyzer, we find the win percentage to be about 50/50. However, which hand is stronger versus any arbitrary hand? We find that 2, 2 versus any arbitrary hand remain about 50/50. However, A, K versus any arbitrary hand is better at about 66/34. Therefore, a head-to-head match up does not indicate how strong one hand is versus another arbitrary hand.

Now add another arbitrary hand to the game. We find this reduces the win percentage of the A, K suited to about 51%, but we find it increases the expected return from 1.33 to 1.5. Therefore, we see that although we'll win fewer hands, we expect to win more money.
People all think about how to win in the poker game, and you must know the detail of the rule and specification of the poker game. So you will know when to sue the poker cheating analyzer.
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