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Poker analyzer has been used by many customers in the world
2014-07-08 17:44
We are glad you are interest in poker game, and we would like to talk about the poker cheating analyzer with you. Poker cheating analyzer has been used by many customers in the world.

Here is how you use it:
The first step is to select the game category. For example, classic 5-card draws poker, Five Aces Poker, or Quick Quads.

After you have selected the category and the game, you must enter or modify the payable. Each game starts with a default pay table, which you can modify by double-clicking a prize and replacing it with the desired prize.
After choosing the category, you must select the game itself. This means Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Deuces wild, etc.

Next, choose the five cards in the hand you wish to analyze them.
When you are familiar with the rule of poker games, you will know how to use the poker cheating analyzer easily. Poker cheating analyzer is very easy to use and you can operate it by yourself.
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