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2013-04-17 16:44
  What's poker hand analyzer? What does it use for? How does it work? I will let you know by the following paragraph.

  Poker hand analyzer is one of poker cheating device. In fact, not only an analyzer, but also a analysis system. It widely used in private poker gambling,party gambling, private casino, poker match, magic show etc. It includs camera lens, analyzer, earphone, and processed poker. There are different barcodes marked on the side of the poker, each barcode stands for a piece of poker card. Then the camera lens scan on them and send the video to the analyzer. On receiving the video from camera lens, the analyzer immediately analysis the dates and send the result signal to mini earphone, then the gambler would know whom will get the best poker hand. By konwing this, you can choose follow or quit.

   We can do program according you request. It is installed Texas Omaha Hold'em and China poker cards program already. Its language can be Chinese, English and Russian. If you have special request, contact us and we will do for you.
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