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Casino Falsely Accuses Gamblers of Using Poker Cheating Devi
2014-07-15 14:30
At present, Chinese gamblers have become the real “cash cow” for South Korea casinos. In particular, the bets that Chinese high-rollers make are continuing to soar. As reported, there were 4 Chinese gamblers who won 1.1 billion KRW (Korean Won) in May, but they were accused of cheating at the gamble by using poker cheating device.
Because the casino refuses to pay the bargaining chips, the four Chinese gamblers have to call the local police to ask for help. In the past few days, the case has an explosive breakthrough and it has proven that the Chinese gamblers did not cheat at poker games by means of poker cheating devices, as a casino clerk has admitted that he was incited by the casino owner to tell lies in his testimony.
As for this gambling case, South Korea media severely criticize that it is very ridiculous for a casino to falsely accuse gamblers of cheating at game by taking advantage of poker cheating devices in order to refuse to pay the money. Besides that, they are also worried that Jizhou Island and other South Korea casinos may be greatly affected by this case.
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