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We make advanced poker analyzer
2014-07-15 14:59
No matter how long night, the arrival of daylight Association. So that many gamblers think our products are most advanced in the world. And they like play poker analyzer because that they think it is most advanced than other tools.

We want to summarize this information in an object which then might, for example, render it differently or save it to database. When I originally thought of this problem I thought I'd just have one relatively straight forward class with a number of reflexes and several if/else statements. I then realized this could turn into quite a large method and potentially be a nightmare to debug/maintain. Keep in mind it needs to loop at each stage of the game (preflop, flop etc) to collect player's actions.

We also want to tackle this with a TDD approach, but the 'one long method' way means that the tests for checking later input will kind of rely on earlier tests.
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