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There is no contact lenses can detect the special marked car
2014-07-15 18:05
There are many news about poker tournament in the world, such as Esfandiari came to fame by winning the 2004 poker classic in L.A. formerly a professional magician, esfandiari is always entertaining at the poker table.

Profession playing cards can be used to make mark poker cards. These invisible marked cards not only could use in the magic show, but also could use in the poker games.

These professionally marked bicycle decks are marked two ways, for suit and for card number.

Bicycle marked cards are available in red and blue. These marked decks are sold for entertainment use only.

For additional information on professionally marked bicycle decks, please contact us.

These bicycle decks of invisible marked cards are available in many places, mark cards is usually one to one use with contact lenses, thus ensuring the safety of the game player. There is no contact lenses can detect the special marked cards.
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