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Invisible marked cards mark by different luminous ink
2014-07-16 09:52
Poker cheating analyzer always together use with luminous marked cards and luminous marked card is a very flexible product.

luminous marked cards not only use with poker cheating analyzer, it also could use with many other poker cheating device, such as invisible contact lenses or baccarat dealing shoe and so on.
Luminous marked cards can only be read by using special gimmicked sunglasses or by wearing contact lenses.
The original luminous systems used red lenses and greenish ink on the back of red cards.
New luminous technology, called ultra-luminous, uses more sophisticated techniques that are based upon chemical and optical scientific principles different from the original luminous systems.

There are no difference between the luminous marked cards, the material of the playing cards is the same material, they are just made by different luminous ink, only in this way people can not detect your invisible marked cards, even when they are wear a invisible contact lenses.

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