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Video marked cards have replaced of many marked cards
2014-07-16 10:03
Except the luminous ink marked cards, there also many high quality marked cards, video luminous marked card is one of the high quality marked cards.

Video-luminous marked cards use marks that can not be seen by the human eye, even through a luminous filter.

Video-luminous marked cards does not have to be used for cheating. They may be used for magic or by a poker house or person who may want to analyze a card game after the fact.

The marks can only be read by using custom-designed electronics and filters and displayed on a TV monitor in another room to a partner. Then the card values may be signaled or transmitted to the player who needs to know.

Video luminous marked cards is together use with monitor system, also could use with baccarat dealing shoe, it more invisible than many invisible marked cards, so it have replace of many other marked cards.
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