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Cards with Illuminant Ink Are Invisible
2014-07-16 13:32
In many magic shows, we can see a lot of poker magicians use playing cards to present many odd changes. For example, they can convert 10 dollars into 100 dollars. They can also turn a card into none. They can turn a card into another. As a matter of fact, the card they use is a kind of marked cards whose marks are made with illuminant ink.
This kind of illuminant ink is hard to get because it is the secret in poker and magic areas. Just because of this, this amazing liquid is very expensive in price. Of course, it is powerful in effect, too. It is worthwhile for a poker gambler to spend some money to possess one bottle of this powerful illuminant ink for marking cards.
In addition to that, the marks on playing cards can not be seen easily by naked eyes. If you want to see the poker secrets on each marked playing card, you need to wear a pair of infrared contact lenses. By the way, you can also wear infrared sunglasses before you cheat at poker games in a noisy and crowded casino. All of the mentioned poker deceit devices can be purchased in EYE Poker Cheat Center. If you want to more about poker, poker skills, poker devices, you can visit EYE.
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