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What’s so special about year of the dragon?
2014-07-22 14:33
Unlike in western culture, where dragons are considered evil, huge cousins of lizards, Chinese dragons are actually cousins to snakes, and their alignments (borrowing a Dungeons & Dragons term here) range from neutral to good. It’s quite rare to find an evil dragon in Chinese folklore or myths. These beasts are highly magical and vastly powerful. It’s even appropriate to call them demigods.
In general belief, dragons live in huge bodies of water (usually seas), and move around the world by flying. Unlike western dragons, it’s impossible to find any Chinese dragons on land, not to mention in remote caves. They are either enjoying the water or soaring the sky, or being briefly summoned by sorcerers. A painting of a dragon coiling around a mountain or sleeping in a cave will strike Chinese people as weird or ridiculous.
According to folklore stories, Chinese dragons create clouds with their breaths or even mere presence. If you are trying to create new year art with authentic Chinese feelings, wrapping your dragon in clouds is a safe and sound idea.
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