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Long Distance Spy Camera Lens Makes Marked Cards Visible
2014-07-23 13:45
It is a horse sense that playing cards are turned downwards before people make a bet. As a result, we are not able to see the point ad suit of each playing card. If we want to win at a poker game, we need to know the poker faces in advance except mastering some excellent playing skills. Here, I will happily tell you that you will have good luck at playing cards with a long distance spy camera lens.
This spy camera lens has a cute look of a fashionable lighter for lighting cigarettes. Considering that poker players are inclined to smoke cigarettes on a poker table in order to make themselves calm down and focus on playing marked cards with other players on the spot, EYE Poker Cheat Center has made and launched this latest lighter-shaped spy camera lens with long distance scanning range for all poker gamblers around the globe.
To meet poker gamblers’ diverse requirements, EYE has made a series of long distance spy camera lens of different sizes, such as 70mm, 40mm and 15mm and so on. You can always get what you want in EYE. It scans the small and special barcodes on the invisible ink marked cards and tell you how to make a sure bet accordingly. All in all, once you have a piece of amazing long distance spy camera lens, the marked cards means to be transparent and visible to you!
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