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Cheating poker case
2013-05-17 15:27

     After shuffling the poker cards, you should put them into the poker case when play baccarat. The poker case maybe cellophane made by plastic. It can be put 8 decks of cards into. The dealer will deal the card from the poker case one by one to the appointed place. We can also cheat in the poker case although it is cellophane. How can we do?

     We fix a small filter in the case exit, though this filter, you may see the second card's point. You may send out the first two pieces of cards and then the third one. When you see the second card in the case is just the third card you want, you can deal the second card directly except the first card. This should be done by the dealer so that the dealer should be your friend. The card needn't be processed by any mark.

     We will try our best to do cheat in poker game field. So we can do whatever you can think out. A company's development is to satisfy the customer's require continuously. So that if our customer have any suggustion, please send them to our mail box. We will try our best to do it better.


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