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Marked card is very important to poker analyzer
2014-07-30 16:32
As we are supply invisible marked cards for many years,and we have a lot of regular customers.
There maybe a lot of things not perfect, but I personally think that our production has been very professional. Because the professional is a kind of attitude, and we have this attitude, many things are the same as this, it is important to adhere to and keep on work.
Some of the playing cards process into barcode marked cards and back marked cards. According to the different quality of poker cards to make different mark card. Back marked card is a solid color or less flowers. Edge marking card requires a relatively smooth edge, hardness poker card.

There are many kinds of playing cards in the world. These cards many represent different means before, Then it be handed down, and some of them have become very valuable collectibles.

No matter barcode marked cards or back marked cards, we can satisfy your demand. We are glad you email to us.
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