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Translucent poker shoe in EYE Poker Cheating center
2014-07-31 09:21
Translucent poker shoe could let you know which the winner is. If you have this product, your winning odds will be bigger than other poker players. What is more, other poker players will not find your secret.

Now I will introduce the translucent poker shoe. You can see there is no difference between normal poker shoes. Ok, now let me show you, there are poker cards inside the poker shoes and these poker cards are barcode marked cards. First, I will deal eight cards. And then you could see the remote controller is shaking, it means that the banker win. Ok, let us check the result. Yes, it is the banker win. The poker shoe could let you know the banker win or the player win. If you are interested, orders welcome!

Translucent poker shoe is also popular in the market. The difference between transparent and translucent poker shoe you can see from their names. This poker shoe has a little difference between magic cheating shoes, because it just has one remote controller.
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