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Lighter camera lens can scan marked cards quickly
2014-08-05 15:07
It is necessary for a man who likes to smoke cigarettes to have a lighter in his pocket. As a matter of fact, lighter can be processed into a lighter camera lens for poker analyzer and scan marked cards for poker players. Here, what I am going to recommend to you is a powerful spy camera lens that can scan marked cards quickly.
As we know, there is not much time for us to carry out a cheating activity before we have to make a bet. When a dealer shuffles cards, we have to make a bet soon. In view of this, I think you must be eager to have a powerful poker cheating device that can give you timely help when you are playing cards. Actually, lighter camera lens is a poker cheating device.
Compared with other spy camera lenses, lighter camera lens can scan the special marks or barcodes on the invisible ink marked playing cards. it won’t take a poker player much time. Generally, in a few seconds, you can know the poker result in advance.  
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