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see poker faces by taking shirt button poker scanner
2014-08-05 15:19
Do you want to wear a piece of magic shirt that can give you a supernatural power? If you wear it to play cards, you will be able to see trough the marked playing cards and know who will get the beast hand. In this magic shirt, there is a shirt button poker scanner.
As a matter of fact, the shirt with a shirt button poker scanner is not different from those common shirts that we wear in daily life. Just because of the poker scanner, the shirt has a magic power. When you are playing cards, it scans the edges of the invisible ink marked playing cards and sends the relevant messages about the marked cards to a poker reader.
What’s more, it won’t take a poker player much time to wait for the poker result about who will be the final winner in a poker game because the shirt button poker scanner can work at a fast speed. Furthermore, this spy camera lens can not be detected easily, so you can cheat with security.
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