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Difference between K30 poker analyzer and K20 poker analyzer
2014-08-05 17:52
AKK poker analyzer is latest poker analyzers in the market. There two main AKK poker analyzers you can see in our company. They are the K20 poker analyzers and the K30 poker analyzers. So what is the difference between the two poker analyzers?

We will introduce the difference between K20 poker analyzers and K30 poker analyzers. You can know them from here. Firstly, K20 poker analyzer is split type poker analyzer, but the K30 poker analyzer is not only the split type poker analyzer, but also the all-in-one poker analyzer. Secondly, the K30 poker analyzer is a real cell phone that you can use make phone call, send massages and play game and so on. Other poker players are not easy to find the secret. Thirdly, K30 poker analyzer is faster than the K20 poker analyzer to give away the poker game result.

Therefore, the K30 poker analyzer is the latest poker analyzer. And they are the entire English version. If you are interested in these AKK poker analyzers, you can contact us! There are more details you can know from us! 
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