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MDA marked cards scanner support many kinds of language
2014-08-06 17:50
There are many marked card scanner, MDA is the classic one, it should together use with poker analyzer. MDA marked card scanner support Chinese, English and Russia.
MDA poker marked card scanning system is our new product. It used in many places now, the camera lens in this scanning system is stably and easy to operate.
The standard release notes: send community cards, dealers send the order: Send 3 Card Stud card, and then send a transfer card, and finally send a hand.
Professional version Description: The dealer sent the community cards in advance to remove a card, send 3 Card Stud card, then remove the card, once again send a transfer of a license, remove a card, and finally send a license card, send completed!

MDA marked cards scanner can use in four cards Omaha and five cards Omaha poker game. There is a certification, you can set it follow it. MDA marked cards scanner support many kinds of language, but the report language just have English, Chinese and Russia.
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