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Process IR Camera Lenses by Yourselves
2014-08-09 14:20
For a man who likes to do things by his own hand, it will be a happy thing for him to make and process IR camera lenses by himself. Would you like to have a good understanding of this kind of infrared contact lenses for playing cards with 100% winning odds by processing the contact lenses with the invisible ink and pen?
The full name for IR camera lenses is infrared camera lenses. The main function of this kind of contact lenses is to help people see the point and suit of each marked playing card on a poker table before they are upturned by the dealer.
As long as you process your contact lenses with the special invisible ink and pen that are made in EYE Poker Cheat Center, you will be sure to know the poker faces without difficulty in advance. All in all, it will do you good and bring you a lot of wealth when you are playing cards with a lot of people.
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