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Texas hold'em poker analyzer
2013-05-19 15:20

     Texas hold'em poker game, has its own special rule, is widely played in the world. Maybe different place have different rules, but almost the same. According these rules, we developed the analyzer for it. We hide the program into andrew system cell phone or MP4, when the lens scan on the barcode on the edge of the deck, the analzyer will receive the signal immediately and analysising. After it, the analyzer will send the result to the earphone to let the player know.
     You can bet as the earphone tells you to. From the result, you may know how to cut the card to get the best hand your self, or you may know the rank of each other. You just need listen, only listen!  

     Players may change, add one or reduce one, this time, you should change the number of players on analyzer, some can be changed by remote, and some can be changed by the bottom on the analyzer.

     The battery is changeable. When you feel the battery will be used up, you can change it and then restart the analyzer to continue playing.
     Every thing is designed according to operating. Fast action, beatiful outface, strong wireless signal made the analyzer perfect!

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