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What's blackjack
2013-05-19 15:20

     Blackjack, also called "21 point", is start from France and now is well-known in the world every corner. This poker game is played by 2 to 6 players, except joker, there are 52 pieces of cards remained. The aim for each player is that all poker cards points in hand can not be more than 21 point but as much as 21 point.

     In the 1770s in France casino, there are 21 point game played. When Nevada in USA anounced that the gambling is permissible, 21 point game is appeared in the casino club in Nevada. Within 15 years, it replaced the dice game and become the most popular popular game in America.

     Blackjack is a poker game against banker, when you win the banker, you can get money / chips from the banker, while you lose, you should pay money / chips to the banker. It is very simple and we can do cheating on it.  

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