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Car key camera lens is the best camera
2014-08-11 17:54
We are like to play poker game in the casino, and the game usually very interesting, once you play the poker game, you will be attract by it.
Car key camera lens will be very easy to use in the poker game, as it is much hidden.
A good “mechanic” can deal from the bottom of the deck, set the deck (order the cards in a certain way) or deal “seconds” (cards beneath the top card, which is saved till needed).
Deck manipulation monitoring system occurs mainly in private games where players take turns dealing.
Deck manipulation monitoring system can be hard to identify, so the best countermeasure is to have a single, dedicated non-playing dealer. Otherwise, always insist on cutting the deck before each deal.
It contains 1pcs car key lens and 1 pcs of charger, 1 remote monitor system
If you want use our car key camera lens in Texas hold’em or blackjack poker game, it will have a very good effect. After use them you will think car key camera lens is the best camera.
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