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How to cheat at baccarat
2013-05-20 19:08

      To cheat at Baccarat, is very easy to achieve. No matter your card processed or not, we can cheat by different means. In other words, we have different device to cheat at baccarat poker game. I will show you the detail of these devices:
      Devices for normal poker cards:
      1. Cheating automatic shuffer: This device can change every poker face into digital after the cards pass through the shuffer. After all data collected, they will be sent to the computer by wireless wave. The computer remember the data and analysis them, and show the result onto screen to let you know whether the banker or the player will win. This should be cooperated with background operator. On seeing the result, the background operator will tell the result to the player immediately by spkeaker.
      2. Cheating poker card case: By using this case, the dealer can see the point of the second card. When the dealer feel the second card is suit for the player, he / she can deal the second one. This device should cooperated with dealer and player.
      Devices for processed poker cards:

      1. Analyzer for edge marked cards: The cards are marked with barcode, and when the lens scan on the barcodes and send to the analyzer, the analyzer can analysis them and tell you who will get the better poker hand by earphone. On hearing the result, you can bet on according to it. This need no cooperator only by yourself can do.

      2. Monitor system dor edge marked cards: The cards are marked with barcode that eyes can see by monitor screen. The background operator may know the result accoding the barcode he / she saw. The background operator will tell the result to player by the spkear. This need two people to cooperate with.

      For Baccarat are all these devices, if you have any question on it, please contact with us and we will answer you whatever you ask.

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