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Poker cheating in casino
2013-05-20 19:13

      There are many ways to cheat at poker cards in casino. And you may not know when you are in gambling, you are already be cheated. Of course you don't know, as they well hided. You may have question on it: How do the cheating works? Yes, the next paragraph will let you know:

      Cheat by device:

      1.We have poker card analyzer, if the poker card processed with barcode, you can use analyzer to play with other player. By the analyzer, the player will know who will get the best poker hand and can cut the deck to let the player himself get the best poker hand. This only need yourself only.
      2.Monitor poker card system: The poker card shoulb be processed by the back or edge with special ink, and the camera lens scan on it, from the monitor, you can know the card's point and suit clearly.

      3.Cheating automatic shuffler: The poker no need to be processed, when shuffler the cards, the data will send to the computer and the result will appear on the screen. This only suit for Baccarat.

      4.Poker converter: you can use this device to change the poker card into the one you want. The card need not processed.

      Cheat by hand trick:

      You can come here to learn the card trick, by this trick, you can deal the second or you can deal the best hand to yourself.

      There are also other method to cheat in casino, you can contact with us to know more, maybe something just suit for you.


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