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Principle in poker game summed by poker master
2014-08-15 18:00
Baccarat is a kind of poker game to guess the card with real money, game player can choose bet on banker or player freely. It completely decides by individual subjective judgment.
In fact there is not a scientific theory of knowledge as the basis. But even so, there are still many poker player summed up some bet method principle with years of experience, only reference for people like to play baccarat:
1, don't bet in the first hand.
2, if you bet on banker original, after banker off, change to bet on player, till it over too.
3, if you lose hand after lose one hand on banker then to buy” jump”
4, if you lose three hands, you should be suspended betting
5, stop loss point to five notes, as long as the total of a hand of cards lost five notes, you will resolutely to leave the table.
6, if a shoe cards consists of eight decks of cards, you can stop at fifty-fifth hands.

The advantages of this method is easy to learn and easy to use, the principal demand is little (only five chips funds can play), a game only lost five note, but if you are good luck maybe can win to 20 note.
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