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Infrared contact lenses have a very good concealment
2014-08-21 10:12
Many girls like to wear contact lenses, they often wear the normal contact lenses, and our infrared contact lenses need more technology to process. After so many years of development, our infrared contact technology is more and more perfect.
Our marked cards could use with the special infrared contact lenses and this may make sure you are safe, because people around you will not found it.  Even when people wear contact lenses they will not found the marks, as we use the unique luminous ink to mark the poker cards.
There are many kinds of poker games, more of the poker game is for multiplayer, and few of poker game are for single person. Marked card is the important role of the poker games.  

We have several types of infrared contact lenses, and the price is also different. Customers want to know whether other people will found them wear infrared contact lenses, I will wear the infrared contact lenses and show them to customers.
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