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The latest poker analyzer
2013-05-22 13:38

     Electronic goods is updating year by year as the science and technology growing. The things is getting more and more useful, at the same time, cheaper and cheaper. More and more things are common to people's daily life, for example, TV, vedio, car etc. Poker analyzer is also belongs to electronic and should be updeted by us, as the customer 's expectation is incresing.

      Poker analyzer should let the result out in short time without mistake. Last year, the analyzer can tell the result out within 0.3S. And the accuracy rate is near 95% as that if the card bending or the barcode is not so clear as the new one. This year, we improved these problems and reserch out the latest analyzer, EYE AKK K1 (Improve Ver.). This analzyer is smaller than the old Ver. and it act faster than the old one with the time of 0.1S, the accuracy rate can reach near 100%. No matter the card bending or what, there is no matter about it. With the outshap like MP4, very small and can carry it into the pocket easily. The battery can last longer and you can conect extra power to it.

       The latest poker analyzer suit for playing Texas hold'em poker game, Omaha hold'em poker game, Baccarat and all kinds of Chinese poker game. It can tell you who will get the best poker hand or all range of the players. You can set the players through a wireless remote. Action fast, strong wireless signal, high accuracy rate, long-time battery are the characteristic of the latest poker analyzer.

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