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The methods of Blackjack cheat
2014-09-26 14:02
While swapping our a 10, 5 hand for a 10, 9 or 10, 10 hand is certainly a good way to win at Blackjack the vast majority of Blackjack tables found in casino’s today do not let the player touch the cards and you can be assured that the tables that allow the player to hold the cards have specially trained dealers to spot a cheat and security will have lots of spot a cheat and security will have lots of eyes on the table to prevent cheating.
With card cheating techniques all but eliminated from the Blackjack table the only answer left is to use strategy you can shave the house edge down, but by counting cards you can turn the house edge on it’s ears and turn it into a players edge, thus cheating the casino out of it’s money. And gamblers would use K30 poker analyzer to gamble at poker games. And others will not doubt it.
Another method cheating at Blackjack is to be in collusion with the dealer. The dealer can use all the card cheat techniques that were discussed on the poker page because they are the only ones allowed to touch the cards.
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