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Stu Ungar is a poker player who has talent in the casino
2014-10-09 13:55
He was unbeatable at gin rummy and destroyed his closest rivals with such fierce certainty that the queue of challengers dwindled to zero. He applied his genius to blackjack too and won hundreds of thousands of dollars before the casinos banned him from playing. But it was poker where he achieved immortality.
Ungar had an unrivalled record in the world’s biggest poker tournaments. He became the only player to win the WSOP and Super bowl of Poker Main Events three times each. His success spanned several variations of the game including holdem, draw and stud. By the end of his career it was estimated that he had won over $30m from poker.
Ungar’s talent for poker was matched by a capacity for self-annihilation. Money won from cards was usually squandered on sports bets. In the early eighties he developed a cocaine addiction that would torment him for the rest of his life. He constantly went from millionaire to bust and would often solicit loans for drugs under the pretence of rebuilding his poker bankroll. So if you want to have much money by playing poker games, why not choose our company? You would become a talent of playing poker games. Because we have a lot of poker gambling tools, such as K30 poker analyzer, IR contact lenses, back marked cards and so on.
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