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Doyle Brunson has been called the godfather of poker
2014-10-09 14:00
He is the elder statesman of the poker world, a father figure to the game who has witnessed firsthand the staggering transformation that poker has undergone in the last sixty years. Now in his late seventies, Doyle remains competitive in the biggest cash games and tournaments in Las Vegas. Behind the grandfatherly and genial demeanor lies the battle hardened soul of a man who first made a living from poker when it was necessary to carry a gun as protection.
Unlike Helmuth however, Doyle’s bracelets have come from several variations including holdem, stud, razz and draw. Alongside his WSOP success, he has also added a World Poker Tour title to his trophy cabinet at the 2004 Legends of Poker. Like Chip Reese, Brunson has played a prominent role in the biggest cash games in Las Vegas for over three decades.
Doyle Brunson is perhaps poker’s most famous face. He has kept himself at the forefront of every major develop in poker since he arrived in Vegas in 1970, adapting his game and persona to each new passing generation. He is a poker legend in the truest sense. Do you want to become a myth of the casino? Maybe, you could believe in our company, we would recommend you use poker analyzer, back marked cards and so on.
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