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Do you know how to win at small-stakes poker
2014-10-09 14:01
It's not hard to make a modest profit at small-stakes poker. You just need to think about your opponents and how to play against them. Your opponents in small-stakes games have many flaws. They play too many hands, they don't know when to fold, they overvalue their holdings and they are too passive—or too aggressive. The key to winning is to know your opponent and how to play against someone with his characteristics.
Consider learning other games. Pot-Limit Omaha is growing in popularity, and the high-low version is worth learning. You can also learn the limit variants of Omaha and holdem. If you don't see a good holdem game, look for a good game at one of your other specialties. Each time you play, you want to be playing the game that you're most likely to win.
You may find a game that suits you better than holdem. Games require different skills. For example, at stud you need to remember what cards are out and know how to evaluate hands based on that information. High-low games require you to understand what hands have the potential to win the entire pot; only suckers play for half the pot. Omaha players must be able to identify free-roll situations. Do some reading so you have some idea of what you should be doing at a new game. A surprising number of players, particularly in non-holdem games, seem to be clueless about the game they're playing. The way helps us know how to win at small-stakes poker.
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