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Order special program for poker analyzer
2013-05-23 18:31

      Different place would have different poker games to play. Maybe Texas hold'em, maybe Omaha hold'em, maybe Baccarat, maybe Blackjack etc. And there are a lot of local poker games played in the world. We usually install the available games in analyzer, as we could not collect local games all over the world. When if you want to local game with analyzer, how will you do?

      Of course choose EYE electronic! EYE electronic can do just what you want. You should tell us the rules of the local games, and if you can make a vedio for it, it helps a lot. And we will write the program special for you. After we write the program, we will have a test on it, and also make a vedio for you to check. If there is any problem on it, you can feed it back to us and we will rewrite till it be correct. This is to say, we custom the analyzer for only you in the world. You can use the analyzer to play with others while others have not had the analyzer, you will win the game and get the money to yourself.

      We have our own team to do the program and test. Just give us few days time and we will give you the result beyond your imagination. Believe that everything is possible. Note: To order program, we can only for EYE MDA analzyer, V68 analzyer, GPS2 analyzer, can not for EYE AKK analyzer.

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