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Can a cell phone be card cheating device?
2013-05-24 17:55

      Without cellphone, we can not imagine what the world will be. People can not contact eachother wherever they want, can not call the first aid if in danger. Even if one day you miss the cell phone, your feeling maybe like lose the whole world. Cell phone plays an uninsteadeablte role in people's daily life. Such an important thing, can it be a poker card cheating device? Of course we can.

      Cell phone can be fixed a spy camera in as a lens. In analyzer system, lens is very important just like your eye, without the lens, analyzer can not analysis as there is no data. Now we have cell phone like Nokia, Sunsung, Iphone and other kind of cell phones. We fixed the lens into it and you can also use it to make phone call, to play games...

      The battery is changeable and if the battery used up, you can change the battery like you cell phone does. We will offer you two pieces of batteries and a charge. The battery can last for more than two hours.

      You can also send your own cell phone here to process. But it maybe the cell phone can not make the phone call. Before you send your phone out, please contact us to have a look if the phone can be processed. If the phone is too thin, it may can not be processed.


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