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Win poker games with pin hole camera system
2014-11-13 09:30
As we know, pinhole camera system is not a fresh thing for us. Many places will use it to peep at people’s actions and speech secretly. Of course, pinhole camera can be served as a cheating device in poker playing field.
The kind of pin hole camera can be placed inside the droplight, wall picture, wall clock or other stuffs which is suitable to scan poker cards. The pin hole camera is going to scan back marked cards before dealing. And the pin hole camera would send the signal to the TV through transmitter. So your partner would see the result on the TV. At last, your partner can send the result to your cell phone or call you. Meanwhile, other poker players can not find the secret at all. The pin hole camera system includes a pin hole camera lens, transmitters, poker analyzer, TV.
Pin hole camera system is more and more popular in the market. You can use it to cheat at any kinds of poker games such Texas hold’em, blackjack etc. now if you have a taste for it, just do what you want.
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