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The marked cards as a map
2014-12-05 10:51
We use the “map” to compare to the marked cards. Those who play with opening cards don’t tell you the motives, but if you are very smart, you would see clearly his (marked cards) intentions. I think it’s very nice if we play poker games with our cards.
If you play poker games with a hidden agenda, and you are secretly and do not reveal his (marked cards) intentions. You would play poker games all the time with a hidden agenda. “Playing poker games with marked cards” means “his plans, goals are dishonestly tracked”. If you have played poker games with marked cards, you would have no chance of getting the job.
The marked cards are always used in gambling poker games, and our company has many kinds of marked cards, such as edge marked cards, side marked cards, back marked cards etc. If you want to know more about marked cards, please contact us!
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