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A murder case by Playing Russian roulette with friends
2014-12-10 10:21
On Monday night, the Rashaun McCrae died. And it has spent Whitehall police several days to confirm his cause of death and investigate the accounts of friends in the house. We are all deeply saddened by this shocking turn of events.
The reason is that McCrae was sitting in a kitchen spinning the cylinder of a revolver and asked him if he wanted to play Russian roulette. The friend declined, left the room and heard a gunshot. And a 23-year-old woman told police that McCrae showed her and a friend the gun, loaded it with one bullet, held it to his head and fired. So it causes the McCrae died on Monday night.
It is known that, playing poker games with your friends should be happy, but often the tragedy instead of happy hour. In order not to this kind of case continues, please civilly and rationally play any kinds of games.
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