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How to do card cheat on blackjack
2013-05-24 17:53

 Many players may think that in a unfaire way to win the poker game such as Blackjack. Here I will show you how to do card cheat on Blackjack.
 There are very few options available for a solitary player to cheat at blackjack. The old snatch and run technique of grabbing some chips and running like hell is still done but it lacks originality. One popular method of cheating is to mark the cards. High value cards such as Tens are the usual marking targets. "The Daub" technique is done by applying a substance that leaves an almost invisible smudge on the card. One scam involved the use of a special paint that was only visible to specially made contact lenses. 
 The "hold out" method requires the palming of a card and substituting a better one. One of the risks to this method is when the deck is changed the pit boss always scrutinizes the decks after they are taken out of play. If you try to switch cards off the table the dealer will usually call "Card down" the instant a card moves below the table line. Another method entails playing two hands and switching cards from one had to the other. 
 A two-man team can gain an advantage if a dealer is careless when looking at their hole card for a blackjack. A person behind the dealer on the other side of the pit may be able to discern the card. The value is then signaled to a player at the table. Wireless signaling devices have been used for various purposes but some casinos have new electronic detection systems that monitor certain frequencies for activity. 
 The use of counterfeited casino chips is another cheating route. In another technique, if a dealer isn't paying much attention to your initial bet, you may be able to add chips before a winning hand is paid. 
 Because of video surveillance, it is nearly impossible to successfully employ any of these systems. If you do get away with something, it's best to get out of Dodge fast, before anyone notices what you've done. 
 Working with the dealer can open a world of new blackjack cheating opportunities. A skilled dealer can stack the deck, deal whichever cards they want, and decide exactly who will win and who will lose at the table. The single deck hand-held blackjack game is quite a bit more susceptible to cheating by both the dealer and the player than games dealt from a shoe. The preferred method of dealer cheating is called the "second deal". The dealer pretends to deal the top card but instead deals the card that is immediately underneath the top card. If someone is going to deal seconds, they must know what the second card is if he or she is to benefit. One way to determine the second card is by peeking at the card. A more risky method is pegging. A device called a pegger is used to put indentations in the cards that the dealer can feel. Pegging all the ten value cards has obvious benefits. Unfortunately for players looking to cheat at blackjack, it is far more common for the dealer to cheat on behalf of the casino.

  This showed us cheat on Blackjack by card tricks by hand. You can also cheat at the cards by using hardware such as analyzer, monitor device...

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