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What's monitor system for dice
2013-05-24 17:51

     Somewhere in the world may use dice as gambling tools. There is a bowl or disk covered over the dice and one of the players shake it, others should guess the point of dice. If right, he / she will be the winner.

     The gambling is very simple, some gamblers may think that if I can see through the bowl. It is impossible to do that, but we can use spy camera to achieve it.

     We can fix a spy camera into a bowl in the bottom, and seal it. From the outface, you can not see the camera. And a remote and monitor. When someone shaked the bowl, just press the bottom of the remote, and from the monitor, you can see the dice. This is very useful for you to cheat at dice.

     You can send your bowl here to process. Maybe you can not imagine that a spy camera and a battery fixed into the bowl. But it is true, you can see our vedio monitor system for dice.

     The battery should be charged when used up. Charging time will be half an hour. If you are interested in it, please contact us.

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