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IR contact lenses in Texas holdem
2015-01-12 09:46
Texas holdem is probably the best known and most popular form of poker game today. Each player starts with two hole poker cards. There are three rounds of community poker cards. These are dealt face up, for every player to use, with betting after each round. But IR contact lenses can be used in Texas holdem.
Contact lenses are a very helpful cheating device in the world, it can help you cheat at many different kinds of poker cards games. If you want to know the poker cards suits and points, you should wear our IR contact lenses, which can help you see the marks on the back of marked cards. So, you can easily win a lot of money in the casino. When you are playing Texas holdem, you first need to wear the IR contact lenses, then you have the marked cards to match your IR contact lenses. Finally, you can see the poker cards suits and points directly.
Our IR contact lenses have many kinds of brands, such as Eonna IR contact lenses, LV Ver. IR contact lenses, Korea Ver. IR contact lenses. If you want to know more about products, please contact us!
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