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How to cheat at local poker games
2013-05-26 15:31

      Except Texas hold'em and Omaha hole'em, Blackjack, Showhand, there are also thousands of poker games in the world. These are impossible to statistic. You may wonder about if you want to play the local games by using analyzer, how will you do ? Don't worry, just tell us and we can do for you.

      You should tell us the rules of your games and how to outlet the result. By receiving the request from our customer, we will have a discussion with the engineer. The engineer will reply the result to you and you can do an order for that. Just give us a few days to edit the program and test on it. After testing on it, we will make a vedio for you to check. If there is no problem,  we will send out the analyzer out.

      You just need to convey your request to us and you can get what you want. Believe yourself and then you will enjoy yourself.

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