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Cheat on bicycle cards
2013-05-27 16:43

      Bicycle playing cards are widely used in poker card game in the world. The cards are made in USA since 1885 with a long history. Cheap cost, good quality made it very popular by players.

      The famous ‘Bicycle’ playing cards were first introduced by Russell & Morgan Printing Co in 1885. This was the time of the high-wheeled bicycles and, because they were newer and faster than high-wheeled carts, the name ‘Bicycle’ was chosen for the new brand. They were hugely successful and became the most well-known brand in the world. A total of 82 different back designs were issued over the years, featuring bicycles, motorcycles or automobile motifs, and for very short periods, bi-planes or warships. Similarly, a number of different bicycle-themed Jokers have accompanied decks over the years and the early editions are now very scarce and sought by collectors.

      The cards are so popular in the world, so we also need try our best to cheat on if for some of you. We can do back marked cards for monitor system, back marked cards for contact lens, edge marked system for analyzer system, edge marked system for monitor system... or accoding to your require to do cheat on bicycle cards. You can also send your cards here to process.

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