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Cheat on plasitc playing cards
2013-05-27 16:49

     Plastic poker cards and PVC cards are widely used in the poker gambling. Plasitc poker cards feel smooth, soft and toughness to the touch, and high resistance to abrasion. Plastic cards are produced by large company such as Bicycle, Copag, EYT, Fournier etc, and the price of them are much higher than the paper one. And more and more high-class private poker club or casino custom the plastic poker cards for themselves in order to publicize their image.

     How can you cheat on plastic playing cards? It is very easy to answer but we should know what kind of poker games you are in gambling. According to our customer, we mainly summarize some ways for you as a consultation:

     Plastic playing cards with barcode on the edge: One of them can be used for analyzer, and the other can be used for monitor. As the barcode is different. Barcode for analyzer is very small and you can not recognize by your eyes. But the barcode for monitor can be seen by our nake eyes as the it is bigger than for the analyzer.

     Plastic playing cards with mark on the back: One of them can be used for contact lenses and the other can be used for monitor system. The cards for contact lenses and for monitor system is different.

     We also have card tricks by hand. But this should learn from our company, we have professional teacher to teach you.

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