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How to beat others in poker gambling
2013-05-29 23:12

      I met a lot friends, they always tell me their grievances that they usually defeated in the poker gambling and asked me how can they do if they want to beat other players in the gambling. I also told them as a advice:

      First, if you do not want to be defeated in the poker gambling, you should know if others cheat in the game. Of course, if others cheat in the game, they will not tell you. You should observe the cheat by yourself. I told them what kind of cheat other may do:

      In recent world, cheating are mainly these: using analyzer system with edge marked card, using monitor system with back marked card and edge marked cards, using cheating contact lens with back marked cards, using cheating automatic shuffler with normal cards, and using tricks by hand with nromal cards. You should know how they work and then you will know how to prevend others from cheating.

      Second, if you want to beat others and you want to win the game, you can use the methods I mentioned above. To beat others in the poker gambling if only by your own luck, it is not enough. Cheating can help you to success.

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