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How to cheat at dice
2013-05-29 23:14

      Dice is one of the frequently-used gambling tools in the world. When you play mahjong, you should use dice to decide who form where to get the first hand. Also with PaiGow, should use dice to decide who from where to get the first hand. Also somewhere use dice as gamble tools to guess the points or the single-double point...

      How to cheat at dice? If you play mahjong, when you use automatic mahjong table, we can change the coil of dice case into magnetic one, and also change the dice into amgnetic. We set the program into mahjong table board, so that, you can get the points you want when press the bottom. If you want to know the point fo dice when a bowl covered above the dice, we can fix a mini spy camera in and from the monitor you can see the dice clearly. If you guess the single-double points, we can fix a chip into the dice and a pulsator as an output device, for example, if single, it may has no shake, if double, it may has a shake.

      Of course, we have other ways to cheat at dice, for more information, please contact with us and we advice you how to do.   

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