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How to prevent other players from cheating at poker
2013-05-30 23:13

      Most of the casino has a certain cheating device fixed in to the gambling room. Once you enter the casino join the game, you may be cheated by them. How to prevent other players from cheating to you? Here are some advices for you:

      If others use analyzer system, you just need to wear an output device such as mini-earphone, you can hear the voice from other players' analyzer. So if others use analzyer, you no need bring the analyzer yourself, just a earphone can achieve your purpose.

      If others use back marked cards, you can wear a pair of cheating contact lens, and you can see the mark clearly. By the way, with different ink, the contact lenses maybe different. You can have a smell on the cards, if the odor is different from normal cards, there must be some cheats in it.
      The same as the monitor system, you can put the earphone into ear or have a smell on the cards. All cheating devices including poker cards are a little different from the normal one, if you pay more attention on it, you can find the tricks and then you can preven from being cheated. You can also exit the game if you know the cheat exist.

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