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How to get the best poker hand
2013-05-30 23:15

     In a poker gambling, somewhere the player can cut the deck and then the banker or the dealer will deal the cards. In this occasion, you can get the best hand if you use our analyzer system. How it works? Here I will let you know:

     To choose a certain progrom that cut the cards, you can throw some cards away and deal the left cards. The analyzer will tell you how many pieces of cards you should throw away and from where you deal the first card. Fox example, when a deck shuffled, and put onto the table, while the lens scan on the edge of cards, the analyzer will immediately tell you how many piece of cards you should throw away by earphone, such as if you hear 2,2,2, you should throw two pieces of cards away and deal the cards according the last card's point, and after dealt all cards, you will find that the poker cards in your hand is the best.

    The other way is to do card trick by hand, whether you are banker or the player, you can do card trick by hand. You can deal the bottom card, or deal the second card, or let all the best card to yourself. But this should learn from our card trick teacher from our company.    

     This is widely used in China to play poker games that need to cut the deck. All analyzers have this funcation and you can use this freely. If you have any question about this, you can contact us for more information.

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