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EYE poker spy camera
2013-06-01 18:40

     Spy camera is widely used in the poker gambling when you want to cheat at poker. EYE electronic takes a lot into researching the poker spy camera in order to make it better. The spy camera can be used in scanning the edge of the poker card for analyzer, to see the mark on the back of card for monitor system. More and more poker spy cameras are appear out these years.

     The camera can be fixed into a lot of things, we can hide it into water dispensor, currency count machine, light case, smoke sensor... Every spy camera has its effect on differe ways. Small stuff such as cell phone, the distance of the camera is 80cm at longest. But in large stuff, the distance will be 5 meters long, but this should be operat by more than two people.

     The spy camera can also hided into the bowl without vestige. But this is suit for dice gambling.

     You can also order the spy camera and fix it into the stuff you want.

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